Fast Track ETF Launch Platform

Millington Securities is a "white label" ETF adviser offering money managers a way to launch their brand name exchange traded fund products quickly.
Active and Passive Exemptive Relief

You have the bright ideas. We have a great one-stop solution to implement them in an ETF or UIT product with your branding. Millington Securities has a broad range of SEC exemptive relief for active management, passive or index strategies, fund of funds, closed-end funds, international securities, fixed income and derivatives.

Oversight and Compliance Services

Through our existing Multi-Series Trust and Board of Trustees, we offer sub-adviser oversight, compliance, and corporate governance. In addition, our in-house legal and compliance team brings extensive ETF and 1940 Act experience to the table. We have already navigated the deep regulatory waters, helping you sail smoothly to your first launch.

Operations and Technology

You can leverage our existing relationships with Lead Market Makers, Authorized Participants, fund distributors, and fund administrators. We can help you build your own portfolio management technology system, or you can use our ready-built platform so that you don’t have to worry about how to monitor portfolio limits and tracking.

Marketing and Distribution

We can build your website, develop your press release campaign, and help you quickly gain effective distribution. We can partner with and train your sales and marketing team, or we can handle everything for you. We already have a national salesforce ready to promote your brand. Either way, our goal is to help you grow your AUM.

Millington Securities helped engineer one of the largest ETF launches ever with 10 actively managed ETFs and over $1 billion in AUM in just one day.

Value Added Portfolio Management

Go Beyond Ordinary

Millington Securities has a patent-pending Enhanced SMA™ Product that helps you go beyond ordinary.

Standard SMA products holding ordinary shares or common stock have numerous limitations that can hurt your clients and your performance.

Millington Securities can help you reap the rewards of a hybrid approach combining passive SMA account holdings and active ETF management.

Launching your private label ETF is only the first step. Millington Securities can take you further and show you how to add even more value to your portfolio management approach.

  • Rapid ETF Launch
  • One-Stop Solution
  • Enhanced SMATM Product
  • Focused on Performance and AUM Growth

Do you manage money held in traditional separately managed account products at one or more program sponsors? Millington Securities has a patent-pending Enhanced SMA Product that could help you and your clients.