ETF Launch Platform

Millington Securities ETF Launch Platform offers broad SEC exemptive relief for active management, passive or index strategies, fund of funds, closed-end funds, international securities, fixed income, and derivatives. As a result, potential ETF issuers can launch a wide variety of custom domestic or international equity and fixed income exchange-traded products through our one-stop launch platform solution.

We can offer you a private or “white label” launch platform that will promote your brand, keep startup costs low, and bring your new ETF to market much faster than if you were to start the process from square one on your own. Millington Securities can help you line up regulatory approvals and provide a board of directors, compliance and oversight. Let us break down the barriers to entry and get your new product trading on an exchange within months – not years.

Size Does Matter

Millington Securities helped engineer one of the largest ETF launches ever with 10 actively managed ETFs amassing over $1 billion in AUM in just one day. Contact us to find out how we may be able to expedite your record-breaking launch, or just get you started with your first fund.

Partnerships and Internal Resources

Our clients can leverage our expertise and leading financial institution partnerships with Authorized Participants (APs), Lead Market Makers (LMMs), fund distributors, fund administrators, accountants, and legal support. Using our existing relationships – along with our in-house compliance officers, operations teams and technology professionals – we can help our clients enter the highly competitive ETF marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Fast Track Platform Launch Services

  • Strategic consulting and product development plan
  • Match management style to product type
  • Existing product conversion analysis
  • Uncover additional revenue and profit opportunities
  • Identify Lead Market Maker (LMM), Authorized Participants (APs), and third party service providers
  • Help you prepare all offering documents using our in-house 1940 Act legal team and external contacts
  • Manage the regulatory filings and approval process with the SEC, FINRA, NFA and the CFTC
  • Facilitate all pre-launch activities including initial audit and seed capital
  • Provide an established Board of Trustees
  • Navigate the exchange listing process with NYSE Arca or NASDAQ
  • Assist in website development and a PR launch plan

Post-Launch Distribution, Compliance, Operations, and Technology Services

We can help you build your own portfolio management technology system, or you can rely upon our ready-built compliance and oversight platform solution. Either approach will help you monitor portfolio limits and tracking. There are a lot of moving pieces, but we can help you manage the folllowing:

  • Monitor Lead Market Makers and Authorized Participants
    • ETF creation and redemption orders
    • Bid / Ask Spreads
    • NAV reconciliation
    • Exchange relationships
  • ETF product distribution opportunities
  • Provide pre-trade compliance and adherence to Section 12(d)(1)
  • Remain compliant with the Investment Advisers Act and the Investment Company Act
  • FINRA advertising and marketing review
  • Daily reconciliations with custodians and fund administrators
  • Tax, accounting, and audit support

Cutting Edge Products: Actively Managed ETFs

Millington Securities provides revolutionary financial product solutions that address the needs of portfolio managers who want to grow AUM and improve performance. We can show you how actively managed ETFs can provide a desirable blend of risk management and return. Actively managed ETFs are on the cutting edge of investment products. Contact us and we will explain how we aim to improve your success as an ETF issuer using these products and our one-stop ETF Launch Platform.