Enhanced SMA® Product

Do you manage money held in traditional Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) products at one or more program sponsors? Millington Securities has a patent-pending Enhanced SMA® product that could help you and your clients.

The Problem

Are you concerned about what will happen as your SMA program continues to grow assets under management? Standard separately managed account products holding ordinary shares of common stock have numerous limitations that could be hurting your clients and your performance. As your assets under management grow, so does the size of your trades. This increases your market impact costs which can reduce your anonymity in the marketplace and negatively impact performance. To avoid these problems, you might want to spread orders over multiple days, but in traditional SMA products, this strategy could result in higher transaction costs, multiple confirms and plenty of questions from your clients.

The Solution: Go Beyond Ordinary

Millington Securities Enhanced SMA® is a patent-pending product that goes beyond ordinary. The Enhanced SMA® product could allow your portfolio management team to keep the same investment strategy while spreading orders over multiple days, without increasing transaction costs or the number of confirms your clients receive. And the best part is that you may be able to maintain anonymity and reduce market impact costs no matter how large or fast your AUM grows.

We can help you reap the rewards of passive SMA account holdings combined with active ETF management. Contact us to learn more about our patent-pending approach that is already helping grow assets under management, gain tax efficiencies, and improve performance.


  • Increased Tax Efficiency
  • Greater Diversification Opportunities
  • Reduced Transaction Costs and Market Impact
  • Maintain or Improve Trading Anonymity
  • Expanded Hedging Opportunities
  • Return-Enhancing Securities Lending

Launching your private label ETF is only the first step. Millington Securities can take you further and show you how to truly add value to your portfolio management approach with our patent-pending Enhanced SMA® product.