Our focus

Millington Securities focuses on reducing both implicit and explicit transaction costs, delivering best execution, and trading anonymously which can lead to better performance and may increase assets under management for our institutional clients.
Explicit Costs

Our goal is to reduce commission charges and fees, often trading our institutional orders at lower rates than our clients ever thought possible.

Implicit Costs

We strive to outperform the volume weighted average price ("VWAP") and we want our actual market impact to be consistently less than our predicted market impact based upon order size, volatility, and market direction.


Our experienced traders specialize in maintaining the anonymity of our clients and executing large block-size orders without signaling high-frequency or proprietary trading desks on Wall Street.


We want to create tangible performance improvements for our institutional clients due to our innovative trading approach which may also help increase their assets under management.

Are you an investment adviser or portfolio manager? Millington Securities high-touch institutional trading services could help you and your clients.

Value Added Trading Proposition

We can help you learn what best execution really means

We are a boutique trading firm committed to the belief that investment advisers and other institutional money managers can execute at the lowest trading costs possible without giving up the highest trade quality.

Millington can help you trade away from SMA program sponsors and execute model and maintenance trades with little to no commissions.

Our skilled traders become an extension of your portfolio management team, striving to help you capture every last basis point of alpha possible. Our traders work to find liquidity even in the most difficult situations. The goal is greatly reduced slippage or market impact between the time your order hits our desk and the last fill.

We can also provide daily, monthly or quarterly transaction cost analysis reports to help you monitor our results and assist you with satisfying your best execution compliance requirements.

Millington will also aim to work seamlessly with your middle office to eliminate inefficiencies and automate your trade allocations and settlement process as much as possible.

  • Reduce Commissions
  • Reduce Market Impact
  • Trade with Anonymity
  • Improved Performance

Our high-touch institutional trading services could help portfolio managers reduce transaction costs and improve performance.